LOTUS DINING – The story

Lotus Dining was created in 2012 by innovator Michael Jiang. Michael dreamed of owning a restaurant that conjured the food memories so close to his childhood heart. Fuelled by passion and dedication he purchased a restaurant space on Hickson Road Walsh Bay. He toiled over the design, building a dream and a memory.

When the task was complete he stepped back to take it all in, scanning the beautiful room. It was another step back that Michael realised that there was something missing, something crucial. He didn’t have a chef. Serendipitously the first chef to walk into the room was Lucy, our then and still dumpling master. The marriage of cooking excellence and creativity was the gold dust required to make Lotus Dumpling Bar one of the best Chinese restaurants in Sydney.

From humble beginnings, Lotus Dining has grown from one to six restaurants and is one of the most revered hospitality groups in Sydney.


At Lotus Dining it is our expectation that all of our customers receive the highest possible service. Incorporating our values of Quality, Trust and Innovation to deliver a consistent memorable guest experience.

QUALITY At Lotus Dining we strive to maintain a standard in excellence, providing a superior product accompanied by comprehensive knowledge and quality service. We believe that through quality and ownership our brand will deliver a rewarding experience for our valued guests.

TRUST The most important part of our business is people. We trust our team to look after your every need. At Lotus Dining we provide support for each person to ensure they reach their full potential along with recognising the contribution of all members of our company. We exist to provide the best within our capability. 

INNOVATION At Lotus Dining we seek ways to be the leader in the hospitality industry. Each day for us in an evolution of ideas and creativity. We will never cease our journey for excellence.